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Activate safe and easy curbside pickup at scale whether you have 1 or 1,000 stores!

Mobilize your entire organization to close more sales

Mobile first, messaging first, consumers ask brands thousands of sales questions every day that end up in centres which can't scale and result in lost sales.

With answerable you can scale omni-channel messaging with authenticity and trust because we help you tap anyone - staff, customers, even your brand fans - to provide on the spot information about your products and services at that critical moment of sale.

Every year, brands leave thousands of sales questions unanswered.

Our platform brings the gig-economy to Q&A helping you train, integrate and compensate advocates wherever they may be. We help build responsive, adaptive brands able to engage prospects 24x7 across the entire customer journey.

Messages per month are sent to brands on Instagram alone (Facebook)

Of consumers’ comments on social media ago unanswered or unacknowledged (BrandWatch)
 Is the average amount of time a consumer wait time when a customer from email based Q&A 
In-store customer know-how represents a challenge for both brands and consumers alike

Chat bots and AI assisted call center tools will, at best, help carry 50% of the future load (LivePerson)

Question, meet answerable.

Recommendations and online reviews are critical to driving sales for your brand, and embracing the idea that customers know your brand best, we have built a turnkey platform using messaging to bring together advocates available to answer sales questions you likely will have missed, any time of the day.

How does answerable work?

Consumers with a question find answerable at critical points of their purchase journey online and in-store

answerable connects that customer to an advocate, trained and certified by you, who knows everything about your brand and can answer that question

The question is answered on a first-come first serve basis, just like when you call an Uber.  The advocate is compensated and the consumer continues to purchase, leaving with a sale and a memorable customer interaction.

Over time the entire platform get smarter routing questions faster and more efficiently.    Responses can also be used to  train chatbot and AI initiatives.

Customer Experience ROI

According to Forrester Research companies with superior CX grew revenues five times faster on average than their competitors with inferior CX, and this is a global phenomenon.

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